Leeds Sign Language Interpreting Service

The Leeds Sign Language Interpreting Service (LSLIS) is based at the Leeds Centre for Deaf and Blind People, and was established in 1995. The service provides a confidential and impartial sign language interpreting service to all deaf people living within the Leeds area. LSLIS ensures that deaf people can access every part of life.

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Tel: 0113 246 9990
Fax: 0113 246 9227

Braille, Large Print and Audio Service

We have many years experience in delivering a high quality braille transcription service and are experienced in delivering professionally presented braille translation and braille transcription to very tight deadlines. We aim to provide a fast, affordable braille transcription service that doesn’t compromise on accuracy or quality.

What we can transcribe

We have experience in transcribing many different types of documents into Braille. Here are a few examples of our braille transcription services:

  • Bills
  • Brochures
  • Financial information
  • Letters
  • Marketing Literature
  • Minutes

Large Print

Creating quality accessible large print documents requires as much care and attention as is needed to transcribe documents to tactile alternative formats such as braille and moon.
Creating a large print document is not simply a matter of making the text bigger.
Applying a larger typeface involves re-formatting and editing the entire document. Converting items such as tables and diagrams can be problematic when creating a large print document, with information either needing to be edited, reduced or represented
differently in order to maximise the best use of page space

Audio Transcription Service

We can transcribing your documents to audio formats, such as a cassette or CD, allowing you to communicate to customers and service users who have difficulty accessing print. We have many years experience in transcribing a wide range of documents into audio format

Tel: 0113 243 8328
Fax: 0113 246 9227

Medical Guide Communicator Service

Are you registered blind or partially sighted?
Have you been issued with hearing aids or have significant, recognised hearing loss?
If you can answer yes to these 2 questions then you qualify to use our medical Guide Communicator Service.
This empowering service promotes independence for people who have a dual sensory loss.
Our experienced, qualified Guides will pick you up from home, take you to your appointment, stay with you throughout your appointment and then take you home.
Our Guides are there to support you with mobility, communication and access to information.
This service is FREE to anyone who meets the criteria of being registered blind or partially sighted with significant recognised hearing loss.
Please contact us on 0113 243 8328 for further information or to book a Guide.

Sensory Awareness Training

The Leeds Society for Deaf & Blind People prides itself on quality tuition, professional delivery and value-4-money. We can deliver a wide variety of bespoke training to any organization that is passionate about the need of people with a sensory impairment! Examples of our customers: Yorkshire Water, Job Centre Plus, Leeds Building Society, Morrish Socilitors.

  • Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind and Deafblind people all over Yorkshire and the surrounding Region are now more independent than ever without the need for helpers. Unfortunately many people with sensory loss find services difficult to access; not because of their own sensory loss but, because of the lack of knowledge of the service providers.
  • Simple changes in the way services are delivered can mean a person with a sensory loss can determine their future for themselves.
  • The impact of the training would be that people with sensory loss can independently access services in a more empowered way.
  • Companies and organizations will be enabled to provide a better service to a hard-to-reach segment of the community, while adding value to their business proposition by providing a more equal service to people who have a sensory loss.

One Day Sensory Awareness Masterclass

Who is this for? Organizations passionate about service! At some point all organizations have employees, customers, clients, suppliers or visitors with a hearing or sight loss. This Masterclass will allow individuals and teams to communicate effectively and engage with sensory impaired people which in turn will enhance service, social responsibility and productivity levels.

What you get!

1. We will discuss what you would like to see included and any specific requests you have prior to the Masterclass.

2. In this Masterclass you will access the key areas that you will need to gain a greater understanding of Sensory Awareness in your community. The course will help you gain an insight into life from the perspective of a sensory impaired person.

3. This fun, informative and interactive session will enable you to engage and understand the difficulties faced by Deaf and Blind people on a daily basis.

You will also get some of the best Sensory Awareness trainers in the North of England!

For further information contact Zoe Major on: 0113 243 8328