• Having our community at the centre of everything we do.
  • Providing a welcoming, sustainable and safe place where everyone feels at home and is treated as an equal.
  • Enabling individuals, families and friends to connect and access support, resources and services, appropriate to their needs.
  • Helping other organisations to develop their services to better meet the needs of Deaf, Blind and Deafblind People.
  • Celebrating successes and respecting all.

Our Latest News


Lipreading Classes in Leeds – September 2023

Do you have a hearing loss? Do you struggle to follow conversations? Are you beginning to avoid social situations? Come along to lipreading classes to improve your skills and learn about managing your hearing loss. For more information click on the link below.

Breakdown Advice from National Highways

The above video is a BSL version of the breakdown advice provided by National Highways. You can also access Sign Live in the event of a breakdown. For more information, please click on the link below.

Partnership with Sign Live

From the 28 of April 2023 Sign Live (a remote interpreting telephone relay service) will be available at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. This provision was set-up in cooperation with the Trust to bridge the gap during emergency situations. All staff in the Accident and Emergency departments will have access to Sign Live for Deaf patients who require access to an interpreter. It is understood that a face-to-face interpreter is always preferred, but at short notice, or during an emergency, a remote interpreter will be available through Sign Live. For more information, click here, where you will also find a video on how to download the Sign Live app.

New Series of Sign2Win for the BSL Zone is Coming Soon!

To express interest, please contact gameshow@drummertelevision.com

In the email, say what you would do with the £1000 prize. The show will contact you closer to September.

Updates from Sign Health

Report: Shaping the future of deaf mental health
We know there are unfair and avoidable differences between the mental health services available to deaf and hearing people. This doesn’t need to be the case. 

Thank you to everyone who shared your experiences and expertise to highlight the changes we need in deaf mental health services. Our report outlines the stark inequalities and gaps in mental health provision for deaf people in England. It was created with input from deaf service users, the wider Deaf community, families and carers and staff who work within the services. 

At an event on Monday 3 July 2023, Abigail, Bryony and Dr Sophie Roberts, Clinical Lead for Deaf Mental Health, presented the co-produced report to NHS England and other key professionals. They also explained our recommendations about what needs to happen for there to be true equality in mental health services.

We are optimistic that NHS England will take action on the recommendations listed in the report. We will continue to work closely with NHS England to improve the quality of mental health services for all deaf people. 

Macmillan Deaf Cancer Support Project is led by a Deaf team and provides virtual emotional and practical support to Deaf people experiencing Cancer.