Communication Tips

  • 1. Get a person’s attention. It is acceptable to tap lightly on the shoulder.
  • 2. Make sure the room is well lit.
  • 3. Learn basic sign language.
  • 4. Stand facing the person.
  • 5. Make sure the information is understood – ask a person to repeat important details.
  • 6. Don’t shout.
  • 7. Avoid jargon – use plain English.
  • 8. Speak one at a time.

To enable Deaf, Blind and Deafblind people to have equal opportunities, and achieve their potential without limitation.

  • Having our community at the centre of everything we do.
  • Providing a welcoming, sustainable and safe place where everyone feels at home and is treated as an equal.
  • Enabling individuals, families and friends to connect and access support, resources and services, appropriate to their needs.
  • Helping other organisations to develop their services to better meet the needs of Deaf, Blind and Deafblind People.
  • Celebrating successes and respecting all.