Life Presidents

Hon Ald Martin J Dodgson MBE  JP

Martin C A Smith JP

Jason Hixon
David Taylor

I have been Treasurer of the Society since July 2021. My background is in Finance and I recently retired as Finance Director of a business based in Leeds.

My role is to ensure good financial management and governance. I am fortunate to be assisted by a very competent accounts and administration team who manage all the day-to-day activities of the Society. I am very proud to be involved with the Society, which provides a useful service for the Deaf and Blind communities  in Leeds

I have a lifelong hearing loss corrected by hearing aids. Now I am retired I have too many hobbies and activities to name, but learning  BSL is on my bucket list!

Donna Burrows

I became involved in LSDBP initially as a Social Club member when it reopened in the new building. I then became Secretary of the Social Club and also started working as a volunteer in the cafe for the +55 group which meets on Tuesdays. 

I assist in running Social Squad events at the Centre on Saturday afternoons twice a month and joined the weekly deaf drama group.

I’m the proud partner of Hearing Dog, Freddy - who is at the Centre so often, he probably now sees it as his second home!

William Finney
Sheila Foster
Paul Landey

I have been a member of the Leeds Involvement Project (LIP) board for a few years and became a trustee of the Society as, at that time, there were few blind members on the committee. I have the time to give and bring with me the experience of being on other charity boards.

Hashim Mahmood
David Robinson
Christine Roche

My first contact with the Society was 33 years ago, in 1990, when I started to attend with my son who is Deaf. I started to learn BSL and Centenary House was a lifeline for helping me to get involved in the community and improving my communication. I volunteered for many years at Youth Club and Play Schemes. In 2012, I became a trustee on the board and have been supporting the Society ever since in this role. 

Currently, I am studying to achieve my level 3 BSL. I run a café for the community fortnightly with three amazing volunteers. I enjoy spending time in the Deaf community, and attend lots of their events. 

In my free time, I like walking, wildlife, and pootling about in the garden (though I wouldn't say I’m a gardener!) I love going to the beach and walking in the sand. When warm enough I will swim in the sea, but very rarely in this country! Love being with family and friends. 

I believe that equality should be shared by all. The Society helps to give people opportunities that they would not normally have, leading to a more equal society.

Alison Spear
Evin Wickremaratne