Braille and Audio Services

Braille and Audio Services

Having your documents available in braille, audio or large print will increase your accessibility, help you meet you legal requirements, and also, through advertising, project a great image to all your customers.

Services we offer

Large Print

Some people with a visual impairment can still read print materials, providing these materials are provided in the right format.

We provide good quality documents in large print by making use of colour, colour combinations and contrast, together with text layout and alignment. This includes the adjustments of inappropriate features, such as columns, which should be avoided in large print.


Audio formats provide access to a variety of written materials. The format benefits a wide range of people, including those with a visual impairment, dyslexia, a learning difficulty or someone who has difficulty reading.

Our service provides audio using a human voice. We can arrange to transcribe your documents into various formats including CD, MP3 file or Cassette Tape.


Braille is a unique tactile writing system of raised dots that blind and partially sighted people can read by touch. The uses of braille extend beyond just reading books. From dialling a phone number to checking a bank statement, the ability to read braille helps visually impaired people be independent, and reduces the need for support.

All of our text to braille documents are carefully edited to give a consistent and easy to use braille layout. A printed title will also be added, to enable sighted people to identify the braille document.