Breakdown Advice from National Highways

Breakdown text service – If you need assistance on our roads and are unable to use an emergency roadside telephone due to a speech or hearing impairment, you can contact us via text on 0738 028 3600 for roadside assistance. It’s worth saving this to your mobile and we’ll explore your suggestion of providing this on a business card.

SignliveIf you’re a British Sign Language user, you can use the online interpreting service, SignLive to contact us.  

SignLive is a free service that will connect you to a qualified BSL interpreter. The interpreter will connect you with us, and relay the conversation between you and an advisor at our customer contact centre. 

 Access this service through the SignLive website or via the SignLive app. We really appreciated your feedback on using Signlive as the contract is to provide this service 24/7. Although we recognise that using this is dependent on mobile phone signal. We’ll also explore whether mystery shopping / test calls would be helpful in checking this service is meeting the needs of our deaf customers.

Accessible services – Further info on accessible services is provided here. Including how you can order a sunflower car sticker – these indicate to Traffic Officers that you may need additional assistance if you do breakdown or need help when travelling on our network

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