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Your Right of Access

You have the right to find out if an organisation is using or storing your personal data. This is called the right of access. You exercise this right by asking for a copy of the data, which is commonly known as making a ‘subject access request’.

How to access your data

You can make a subject access request to find out what data is held and how it is used. You may make a subject access request before exercising your other
information rights.

You can make a subject access request verbally or in writing. If you make your request verbally, we recommend you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence. It will also provide clear evidence of your actions.

To exercise your right of access, follow these steps:

Step 1

  • Identify where to send your request.
  • Think about what personal data you want to access.

Step 2

  •  Make your request directly to the organisation.
  • State clearly what you want.

You might not want all the personal data that the organisation holds about you. It may respond more quickly if you explain this and identify the specific data you want.

When making a subject access request, include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Any information used by the organisation to identify or distinguish you from other people with the same name (account numbers etc).
  • Any details or relevant dates that will help it identify what you want.

For example, you may want to ask for:

  • your personnel file
  • emails between ‘person A’ and ‘person B’ (say from 1 June 2018 to 1 Sept 2018)
  • CCTV camera data situated at ‘location E’ on, say, 23 May 2017 from 11am to 5pm records detailing the transfer of your data to a third party.

Letter template

[Your full address]

[Phone number]

[The date]

[Name and address of the organisation]

Dear Sir or Madam

Subject access request

[Your full name and address and any other details to help identify you and the data you want.]

Please supply the data about me that I am entitled to under data protection law relating to: [give specific details of the data you want, for example:

  • my personnel file
  • emails between ‘person A’ and ‘person B’ (from 1 June 2017 to 1 Sept 2017)
  • my medical records (between 2014 and 2017) held by ‘Dr C’ at ‘hospital D’
  • CCTV camera situated at (‘location E’) on 23 May 2017 between 11am and 5pm
  • copies of statements (between 2013 and 2017) held in account number xxxxx.]

If you need any more data from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible. It may be helpful for you to know that data protection law requires you to respond to a request for data within one calendar month.

If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your DataProtection Officer, or relevant staff member. If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you. Its website is or it can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.

Yours faithfully


Step 3

  • Keep a copy of your request.
  • Keep any proof of postage or delivery.

When to re-submit a request

You can ask an organisation for access more than once. However, it may be able to refuse access if your request is, as the law says, ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’.

If you are thinking of resubmitting a request, you should think about whether:

  • it is likely that your data has changed since your last request
  • enough time has passed for it to be reasonable to request an update on
    how your data is being used, or
  • the organisation has changed its activities or processes recently.

What to do if the organisation does not respond or you are dissatisfied with the outcome

If you are unhappy with how the organisation has handled your request, you should first make a complaint to it.

Having done so, if you remain dissatisfied you can make a complaint to the ICO.

You can also seek to enforce your rights through the courts. If you decide to do this, we strongly advise that you seek independent legal advice first.

What organisations should do

If an organisation reasonably needs more information to help it find your data or identify you, it has to ask you for the information it needs. It can then wait until it has all the necessary information before dealing with your request.

When it responds to your request, the organisation should provide you with a copy of your data. It may do this electronically. If you need your data in another format, you must ask if this is possible.

  • You are also entitled to be told the following things:
  • What it is using your data for.
  • Who it is sharing your data with.
  • How long it will store your data, and how it made this decision.
  • Information on your rights to challenge the accuracy of your data, to have it deleted, or to object to its use.
  • Your right to complain to the ICO.
  • Information on where your data came from.
  • Whether your data is used for profiling or automated decision making and how it is doing this.
  • If it has transferred your data to a third country or an international organisation, what security measures it took..

When can the organisation say no?

An organisation may refuse your subject access request if your data includes information about another individual, except where:

  • the other individual has agreed to the disclosure, or
  • it is reasonable to provide you with this information without the other individual’s consent.

In deciding this, the organisation will have to balance your right to access your data against the other individual’s rights regarding their own information.

The organisation can also refuse your request if it is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’.

In any case the organisation will need to tell you and justify its decision. It should also let you know about your right to complain to the ICO, or through the

How long should the organisation take?

An organisation has one month to respond to your request. In certain circumstances it may need extra time to consider your request and can take up to an extra two months. If it is going to do this, it should let you know within one month that it needs more time and why. For more on this, see our guidance on Time Limits.

Can the organisation charge a fee for this?

A copy of your personal data should be provided free. An organisation may charge for additional copies. It can only charge a fee if it thinks the request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’. If so, it may ask for a reasonable fee for administrative costs associated with the request.

DEX – 25TH Silver Anniversary Dinner


We warmly invite you to join us for our 25th silver anniversary celebration at the beautiful and spacious settings of Bagden Hall.
All members of the deaf community are welcome including your deaf and hearing partners, family and friends.
Your ticket price includes a full charity ball dinner, Buck’s fizz drinks on arrival, entertainment by our popular deaf comedian, John Smith and a raffle prize.
John Smith will be Master of Ceremonies on the night.
Please note: – This booking system is for the meal only. The ticket price does NOT include accommodation or hotel booking. You may wish to book your room at Bagden Hall Hotel. For those wishing to stay at Bagden hall Hotel, you can get concession for room booking. This can be obtained by emailing info.bagdenhall@classiclodges. Please make sure you state the name of the event and it’s date.
For alternative accommodation, please see list below ‘Accommodation Options’.
If you would like to join us, please purchase your tickets via Eventbrite website.
Adult ticket is £50 and there is a special concessionary price of £30 for each child and DDYC members.
Adult – £50 per person
Child (up to 17) – £30 per person
DDYC member – £30 per person
Donations are welcome and they are accepted through our Eventbrite page or via DEX website at
When you purchase your ticket, you will need to select your meal choices for starter, main course and dessert. There are also options for child meal, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, Halal and other dietary requirements.
Free meal for children under 2 years. Please purchase your ticket as usual and let us know the age of your child / children.
Closing date for menu choices and event bookings is 31st July 2019.
Dress code: Casual smart
First come, first served.
Note: – There will be no refunds on bookings made.
We look forward to meeting you there.

Schedule of Evening
How to Get There

Press Release – Traveleyes Amar Latif

We are proud to announce that Traveleyes Founder and Director Amar Latif will be presenting a brand-new travel documentary for the BBC. The BBC Two show – ‘Travelling Blind’ – is due to air at 8pm on 7th March and will be available on the BBC iPlayer shortly after.

As a blind world traveller, Amar Latif has a thirst for adventure, he likes to get up close and personal with every destination he visits but he needs someone to be his eyes. Amar takes comedian Sara Pascoe on a trip across Turkey, from the lively markets in Istanbul to the outstanding landscapes of Cappadocia, as the pair show how travelling with someone that is blind will force you to experience a culture like never before.

Sara and Amar travel in different ways. Sara prefers to stand back and observe while Amar needs to be in the thick of things. Due to his lack of sight, getting close to people, cultures and experiences is the only way to bring a place to life.

Amar has said ‘travelling the world is something I have always wanted to do, being blind once hindered that passion but now I experience the world in such a unique way that even sighted travellers would enjoy it’

‘Travelling with Sara and sharing my way of exploring was so much fun and I hope to have imparted some of my lust for adventure onto her’ said Amar.

Amar’s Story

Amar lost his sight when he was 18 years old, but still wanted to explore the world. However, when he approached mainstream travel companies as a solo blind traveller, he faced rejection.

 In the wake of this, and after a successful career as a Corporate accountant for large corporations, Amar decided to set up Traveleyes, to open up the world for thousands of blind travellers all over the world.

 Traveleyes is the world’s first commercial tour operator offering independent group travel for both blind and sighted travellers. Established in 2004 by the Blind entrepreneur, TV presenter and world traveller Amar Latif, Traveleyes now runs over 60 trips a year to destinations all around the world, from Safaris in Africa and trekking in Machu Picchu to skiing in the Alps and exploring Europe’s most loved cities.

 On each holiday, half the group are blind or Visually Impaired (VI), and the other half fully sighted. Each day, the sighted travellers guide and describe to a different blind partner, and explore the destinations we visit together. In return for sharing their sight, the cost of their holiday is subsidised up to 50% by Traveleyes.

 Amar is available for interviews. To arrange, please contact Andrew Milburn – – Communications Executive at Traveleyes.


  • Amar is the recipient of The Outstanding Young Person of the World accolade (Business / Entrepreneurial category) from the Chamber of Commerce International (JCI) and the prestigious Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur Award, presented by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.
  • Amar has previously presented The Last Leg Down Under, How to Get Fit Fast, Thrifty Ways to Summer Holiday, River Walks – which is on BBC 2 16th Feb at 20:00
  • More info can be found at
  • Twitter: @AmarLatif_

Travelling Blind was made by production company Spun Gold for BBC 2.

Leeds City College – Princes Trust

Are you 16 – 25 and unemployed?

Why not join our 12 week, full time course where you can gain new skills and a qualification!

You’ll get a chance to
  • Develop your CV and interview skills.
  • Make a difference in your community.
  • Get 2 weeks work experience.
  • Attend a residential.
Our Princes Trust course is completely free and wont affect your Jobseekers Allowance.


Contact Amy Lassu to apply or for more information:
Phone: 07554 413 450

Click here for a copy of the Princes Trust Poster



We would like your views on our proposals for Urgent Treatment Centre in Leeds

Click here to take the survey

We’re holding events where you can learn more, ask questions and give us your feedback:
Friday 8 February 2019
10am-12pm and 1.30-3.30pm
Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind, St Mary’s Street, LS9 7DP

Urgent care is care that someone feels is needed on the same day but their illness or injury is not life-threatening. We want to hear your thoughts and views on our proposals to establish five urgent treatment centres in the city of Leeds.


Brief summary of the project

As your local clinical commissioning group (CCG), NHS Leeds CCG has made some proposals for urgent treatment centres for the citizens of Leeds and we want to hear your views about these proposals.

Over the last few years we have spoken to local people who have told us that it’s not always clear who would be best placed to help you, or a loved one, when you’re not feeling well or have been injured.

This is especially the case where you feel you need to be seen quite quickly but you know it’s not an emergency. We know that the way services are currently designed to help you in this situation – which we often call urgent care services – are not easy to understand.

Urgent care is care that someone feels is needed on the same day but their illness or injury is not life-threatening.

This could include anything from cuts, minor injuries, bites or stings through to mild fevers, vomiting and diarrhoea etc.

We feel that our proposals will help simplify the system for you when you have an urgent care need.

To help you understand more about our proposals we have developed the following:

  • Our engagement document which provides you with a comprehensive overview of why we are proposing these changes as well as the survey questions which you can also answer online (please note this is a secure web-based survey)
  • An easy read version of our engagement document
  • An easy read guide providing a summary of our proposals and showing the ways you can feedback your views
  • An easy read survey that can be completed online (please note this is a secure PDF document)
  • We have also organised a number of events, you can find the details of these further below on this webpage
  • To see recent updates on the engagement and events in the city visit: #UrgentCareLeeds

If you work for a community organisation and would like multiple copies of the survey documents or would like us to come along to any events please do get in touch. You can either email us or call us on 0113 843 5470.

Who would we like to hear from?

We would very much like to hear from anyone who lives or works in Leeds as our urgent care services are designed to meet the needs of our diverse population as well as those visiting our city. It’s important that we hear from you whether you do so as a patient, a member of the public, a health and care professional or you may have a role representing the views of your local community.

What are we asking?

We want to hear your thoughts and views on our proposals to establish five urgent treatment centres in the city of Leeds. We want to know about how you currently access services when you have an urgent but not emergency care need, your views on our proposed sites and the opening hours for those urgent treatment centres which we refer to as ‘community-based’. We’d also very much welcome any other comments or suggestions you have that could help improve your experience of using urgent care services.

How can you give us your views?

We are using a survey to understand people’s views on this change. The survey is available in paper format as well as online (accessed from this webpage). In addition, we are working closely with Voluntary Action Leeds who will run some focus groups and one-to-one interviews with people across Leeds.

We have organised a number of events which we’d very much like you to attend if you can. These events will inclue a presentation followed by a question and answer session.

  • 8 February 2019, 10am-12pm and 1.30-3.30pm, Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind, St Mary’s Street, Leeds LS9 7DP
  • 25 February 2019, 1.30-3.30pm, Old Fire Station, Gipton Approach, Leeds LS9 6NL
  • 4 March 2019, 10am-12pm and 1.30-3.30pm, Seacroft Recovery Hub, The Green, Leeds LS14 6JL
  • 8 March 2019, 10.30am-12.30pm, New Wortley Community Centre, 40 Tong Rd, Leeds LS12 1LZ
  • 13 March 2019, 10am-12pm, Carriageworks Theatre, 3 Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 3AD
  • 22 March 2019, 10am-12pm and 1.30-3.30pm, Hamara Centre, Tempest Road, Leeds LS11 6RD

Book your place If you’d like to come along to one of the above events you can either register online at or call us to book a place on 0113 843 5470

Drop-in events

In addition, a number of drop-in events will be held, including on evenings and weekends; these will be advertised on our social media channels – Facebook (NHS Leeds) and Twitter (@nhsleeds) and on this webpage.

At the drop-in sessions, you can turn up at any point and have a chat with our team, before you complete a survey or take a copy away.

Confirmed drop-in sessions:

  • 2 February 2019, 1pm -4 pm, Kentmere Community Centre, Kentmere Avenue, Leeds, LS14 1BW
  • 5 February 2019, 11am – 2pm, Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind, St Mary’s Street, Leeds LS9 7DP
  • 13 February 2019, 10am – 2 pm, Lower Floor, Merrion House, Leeds, LS2 8PD
  • 18 February 2019, 10am – 2pm, Seacroft Community Hub, Deacon House, 11 Seacroft Avenue, Leeds, LS14 6JD
  • 27 February 2019, 10am – 2 pm, Reginald Centre, 263 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 3EX
  • 3 March 2019, 7am – 12:30pm, Leeds/Bradford Airport Car Boot Sale, Greengate Farm, Leeds, LS18 5HY
  • 12 March 2019, 4pm – 8pm, HEART Centre, Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3HN
  • 17 March 2019, 7am – 12:30pm, Wetherby Racecourse Car Boot Sale, Wetherby Racecourse, York Road, Wetherby, LS22 5EJ
  • 26 March 2019, 10am – 3pm, Gledhow Wing, St. James’ Hospital, Leeds, LS9 7TF
  • 28 March 2019, 10 – 3pm, Jubilee Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, LS1 3EX
  • 30 March 2019, 10am – 2pm, Event Space, Leeds Kirkgate Market, 34 Ludgate Hill, Leeds, LS2 7HY
  • 4 April 2019, 10am – 2pm, Wharfdale Hospital, Newall Carr Road, Otley, Leeds, LS21 2LY
  • 8 April 2019, 8am – 1pm, Pudsey Craft Market, 1 Market Place, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7BE

Complete the survey (available from Monday 21 January)

What did people tell us?

We will publish the results from the engagement on this page soon after the engagement closes.

What did we do?

We will publish the results from the engagement on this page soon after the engagement closes.

Urgent Treatment Centres – Proposal and Survey

Urgent Treatment Centres – Poster

Urgent Treatment Centres – Poster with event dates

Urgent Treatment Centres – Engagement Plan

Clive Mason – Workshop (CPD)

Leeds  – Interpreting Workshop with Clive Mason


Part 1: Thinking Visually – Saturday, 19th January 2019.
Part 2: Visual Flair – Sunday, 20th January 2019

Venue: Leeds Society for the Deaf and Blind People, The Centre Street, Leeds, LS9 7DP

Time: 10:00-16:00
Trainer: Clive Mason
Suitable for: TSLI and RSLI – whether Constructed Action and Dialogue are new to you, or you would like a refresher.

Cost:  £120 per day – CPD 6 hours or
Special Price: £210 for 2 days – CPD 12 hours

Part 1: Thinking Visually: A Constructed Action Constructed Dialogue
If a picture paints a thousand words then interpreters are artists!
Conveying complex concepts in BSL can be a challenge and it can be hard to manage the unwanted influence of English when interpreting.

Part 2: Visual Flair: Mastering Constructed Action Constructed Dialogue
A follow up workshop for interpreters who have attended “Thinking Visually: A CA and CD Workshop”.
Say goodbye to words and immerse yourself in a visual world.

For further details and a registration form to book, please email: