Launch of Sign Live at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

We are extremely excited to announce that in cooperation with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals we have entered into a partnership with Sign Live to provide a remote interpreting option for those attending Accident and Emergency or the Maternity Department. Eventually this will expand to other departments, so inpatients visited by their doctor during ward rounds will have access to Sign Live.

In addition, the Deaf community will be able to download the Sign Live app on their phone, so they have access to the Directory, which now includes Leeds Teaching Hospitals. This will enable the community to contact the hospital over the phone, via Sign Live. Similarly, if a department needs to contact a Deaf patient, they can do so using Sign Live.

Below is a BSL video produced by Sign Live explaining how the app can be downloaded, for those who don’t have it already.

It is a very exciting time, and we would like to thank the Leeds Teaching Hospitals for all their hard work, and their passion for ensuring equality and inclusivity for all patients. We have a strong working relationship with the Trust and are keen to develop the new relationship we have with Sign Live who produced the video. Their support will allow us to breakdown some of the barriers the community currently face when presenting at the Accident and Emergency Departments, as well as times when an interpreter has not been booked.

We would like to stress, that the new service is not intended to replace face to face bookings. This will always be our priority, one shared by the Trust and Sign Live. It is simply a way of providing immediate access. The service will allow us to all work together to ensure Deaf patients needs are met.

Thank you.

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