Parent and Baby Group 2022

Children from 0-4 years old

Deaf parents with deaf children
Hearing parents with deaf children
Siblings are welcome

The Centre, St Mary’s street, Leeds, LS9 7DP

4 thoughts on “Parent and Baby Group 2022

  1. Hi

    My name is Misbah Yasin I am deaf mother but I been checking your information deaf parents with deaf children &Hearing parents with deaf children.

    What about hearing children? But my hearing daughters can involve her bring?

    Thank you

    Misbah Yasin

    1. Hi Misbah

      You would be welcome with your hearing daughters. It is for Deaf parents with young children or Hearing parents with Deaf children.
      Thank you for asking.

    1. The Parent and Baby group is happening in April for the first time in a while. It is on the 4th April 10am-12pm I think. I will have to check on the time.

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